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Hair Extensions

The hair extension market is now flooded with so many different methods and attachments that it can become very confusing for anyone to know what type of hair extensions are best for them. We offer a free consultation to provide you with expert advice and guidance when choosing the right hair extensions for you.


Below we have put together a list of extension methods that we offer:


Mini Tips

These are attached using a small metal ring and are very small and discreet. They are suitable for most hair types. The metal rings come in various shades that can be matched to your hair colour.

Ultra Tips

These are also attached using a small metal ring. These bonds are completely flat, they are great for fine hair as they do not poke through the natural hair and give a great finished look.

Pro Tips

These are designed for people who have very thin/ fine hair. They are our lightest extension and are great for volume around the sides of the hair, thickening up the client’s overall look of their hair.

Micro Ring Weave

This method is where wefts of hair are sewn onto micro rings. They are fitted in up to three rows, they give great length and ultra-thickness and are very secure. The weight of these are distributed evenly across the hair to ensure that no tension is put on one particular area of the hair.


These are individual extensions which are glued onto the natural hair. These can provide great coverage; the bonds are the same colour as the extensions which means they blend in seamlessly. These are good for stronger hair types.

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