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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Consultation


This is a 1 hour appointment and will be with our certified trichologist. The consultation will consist of a thorough medical questionnaire, scalp examination, clinical photos and trichoscopic images taken. A full consultants report will be provided following your consultation and a treatment plan put together should it be required.

   Genetics Hair Loss Consultation


This appointment includes all of the elements of a hair loss consultation but includes our genetics hair loss test. This test is a simple mouth swab that will determine the best form of treatment for you based on your genetics, creating a personalised treatment plan. 

Advanced Hair System Treatment

This is the most advanced hair treatment that we offer. This uses an advanced serum infused with naturally derived proteins that support new hair growth, providing more density and fuller looking hair.

The application of this serum is paired with our ultra technology to enhance the penetration of this into the scalp as effectively as using a needle.

Great for androgenetic hair loss, excessive shedding, scalp conditions and inflammation.

Package 1

(For early stage hair loss or prevention)


- 3 month take-home treatment kit

- 3 month review appointment.

Package 2

(For mid range loss or some receding)


- 6 week in-clinic treatment course

- 3 month take-home treatment kit 

-3 month review appointment.

- monthly in-clinic top up treatments if required

Package 3

(More severe hair loss)


- 12 week in-clinic treatment course

- 3 month take- home treatment kit

- 3 month review appointment

-monthly in-clinic top up treatments if required

Low Level Laser Light Therapy

£150 (for 6 sessions)

Each treatment lasts 20 minutes. Our Theradome cap uses low level laser light to  stimulate the follicle cells to help enhance hair growth.

Scalp Treatments


all of our scalp treatments are conducted using our Mediceauticals product range. These products are effective at treating various scalp conditions while still being gentle on sensitive skin.

These can be used to treat:


excessive sebum

Dry scalp


Seborrheic Dermatitis

Itchy Scalp


All of the products that we use during our scalp treatments are available in treatment kits to use at home.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Consultation


A 30 minute appointment to discuss and advise you on the best hair extension method to achieve your desired style. This along with a simple medical questionnaire, strand test and colour match.

Half/ Full Head Extensions


Depending on your requirements, length and thickness, cost will vary per individual However, the price will be confirmed at your consultation and will not change.

Hair Extension Maintenance


We recommend maintenance appointments for your hair extensions every 8-12 weeks. This will consist of removing and realigning the hair extensions  to ensure your extensions and natural hair kept in the best condition.

Hair pieces, hair systems and wigs


These systems are very personal and are designed around each client.  Wigs and hair pieces can be made to your exact requirements including size, shape, hair density and colour.

Anti Acne Facial


The Plason's technology allows this treatment to be performed without the use of needles. It will kill off any bacteria on the skin and reduce the production of sebum. Then using a stem cell serum to provide the skin with much needed skin rejuvenation, purification and help heal any acne wounds and inflammation.

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