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What is a Trichologist?

I get asked this question a lot, especially if I am talking to someone new and they ask what I do.

Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp and a trichologist is an expert in all types of hair loss and scalp problems.

Trichologist's are not medical doctors and they cannot prescribe, although trichology is certainly developing and I would imagine certainly on the prescribing front that this will change in the future.

When I first learnt about trichology and what it was and deciding to start studying, I did find that this profession felt quite dated and was only really available or aimed at the older generation. As I moved through my studies and finally becoming qualified; I have found that this profession really has moved forwards and more people are starting to discover trichology and that it is a service that is open to everyone; anyone can suffer with hair loss. There are more and more treatments becoming available for all different types of hair loss, even on or the more natural and holistic side of treatments; which really interests me.

Not many people know what trichology or a trichologist is so I often refer to myself as a hair loss specialist. I think this sometimes gives people a better understanding of what I do.

Trichologist's really vary in what type of services they offer and each one is different.

They can simply offer a consultation , which would normally involve a series of questions about your hair and the hair loss that you are suffering with, along with questions about your medical history and an examination of your hair. They may then diagnose your type of hair loss and refer you back to your GP for treatment. Others will offer different types of treatments and possibly other hair loss solutions.

Hair loss can be quite scary to experience and usually the first questions I get asked are, 'Am I going to lose all my hair?', 'Will my hair grow back?'.

To answer these, a full examination and diagnosis would be needed but sometimes treatment doesn't stop there. Hair loss can be very complex and there are hundreds of reasons why someone would be losing their hair. Once the cause or possible cause has been established a treatment plan can go on for months, years or even a life time. There is no quick fix.

If there is no treatment and the clients hair loss is going to be permanent other solutions can be offered like hair pieces, wigs, hair replacement systems and extensions.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is best to see a specialist and get a professional diagnosis because making assumptions or trying to treat yourself can often cause more problems.

Trichology is not offered under the NHS which means you would need to seek out a trichologist privately. You need to ensure they are fully qualified and accredited.

Do not suffer in silence with your hair loss, contact a professional for help and support.

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