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What does having a non surgical hair replacement system involve?

I get a lot of clients ask me why we don't post a lot of pictures or videos of the process of having a hair replacement system done.

This is something that I will get around to. However, I don't take pictures of these systems on a daily basis to protect the privacy of the clients. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and private environment to have this system fitted and this is something that we would like to stick to.

I will go through the process and explain what to expect when you visit us firstly for your consultation and secondly for your fitting.

Consultation Day

We ask our clients that if they are currently wearing a wig or a hair piece that this is able to be removed during the consultation, so that we can make a good assessment of your hair.

We will have a chat about your hair loss and make sure that the hair replacement system is something that is going to suit you, your hair and your lifestyle. We will go through a consultation form which includes a medical questionnaire as well as the specifics about your hair system.

Most of our hair systems are bespoke and made for you so during your consultation we will take a colour match as well as discussing styles, thickness and length.

Once all the paperwork is complete and you are happy with the specifics of your hair system, we will give you a quote, this price will not change unless any changes to the system are made by you but we will always check with you first. We will then get you booked in for your fitting day.

If you have any questions once you leave or you forgot to ask something you are always welcome to drop us an email, we are always happy to answer your queries.

Fitting day

On the day of your fitting we ask you to arrive with clean hair either washed on that day or the day before but with minimal conditioner.

The time it takes to fit a hair system will vary considerably depending on the individual hair piece and how big the system needs to be. It takes roughly between 2-6 hours.

We start by placing a mesh over the area that needs to be covered and securing it by pulling through some of your own hair (a bit like the old highlighting caps) we then secure that down using a silicone lined micro ring. We used silicone lined so that the metal of the ring does not cut or damage the hair. We use even smaller beads for the front hair line which are called nano beads.

Once the mesh is secure, this is the base on which the hair is sewn onto. This will consist of a parting piece to create a natural parting area and wefts of hair sewn around the outer edge.

After the hair is all sewn onto the mesh it is then time for the cutting and styling and you will start to see you hair system take shape.

Fringes, side fringes and layers can all be added in and it can be styled to your choice.


As your natural hair grows, these hair replacement systems will become slightly loose and this is when you would come back to see us for a maintenance appointment. This involves removing the system and giving your hair and scalp a good cleanse and replacing the system using a new set of micro rings.

I have added some pictures of the process, so you can see how our hair systems are constructed.

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