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What does a hair loss consultation involve?

Suffering with hair loss can be very traumatic for some people and many that I have met have hidden it for years, even from their loved ones.

Once you decide to contact the clinic to book an appointment to see a Trichologist (hair loss specialist) we understand that this is a huge step.

We will send you a pre consultation sheet to complete and send back to us, which will have all kinds of questions on it. Some, you will think ‘what has that got to do with my hair?’

I often describe diagnosing hair loss a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, you need all the pieces to see the whole picture and because so many factors can affect your hair we need to ask about all of them.

When you send your questionnaire back, we will then do a lot of research into your answers and prepare the consultation based on the answers that you gave.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the Trichologist and be welcomed into to our comfortable private room where the consultation will take place.

I always advise to bring someone with you, if you are feeling slightly nervous, it is always nice to have some support.

During the consultation we will go through the questionnaire you supplied and expand on that to get all the answers (pieces) that we need.

We will then use a Trichoscope to have a closer look at your hair which gives a magnified view to see what is going on at the scalp and follicles. Clients often find this part really interesting and we will always take our time to explain what it is we are looking at.

We will also take photos of your hair; these are good to keep a record of to compare for future reference and so we can mark exactly what your hair looks like at that current moment. We may find it necessary to do some simple tests on some strands of hair.

Once all of this is complete, we will possibly give you a diagnosis there and then and discuss various treatment plans. We do offer a lot of treatments in the clinic which include supplements, scalp treatments, hair treatments, hair replacement systems and low-level laser light treatment. We can also advise you of other products that are available too from the pharmacist or it may be necessary to refer to your GP.

What ever it is that we discuss or decide during your consultation we will follow that up with a comprehensive email to you outlining everything we discussed because we understand that it can be very overwhelming in the consultation to remember all of the information that has been given to you. We may request to see you for a review to see how you are getting on and review your hair to ensure no changes need to be made to your treatment and to take more photos to compare to your initial consultation ones.

We will always provide support for you along your hair journey and provide the best service and advice that we can. Hair loss can be scary, but we are here to support you.

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