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The Genetics Hair Loss Test

So you have heard of genetics testing but have you heard of a genetics test for your hair?

What is a genetics hair loss test?

This test uses your genetics along with information about your lifestyle to analyse and work out what treatment option would be best for the type of hair loss that you are suffering from.

What types of hair loss is this test used for:

This test is good for Androgenetic type hair loss, this includes male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss and this usually causes hair loss primarily at the vertex, crown or parting area of the scalp. Alopecia areata, this is an autoimmune type of hair loss, which can cause patches of hair loss on the scalp. It can also be used for telogen effluvium which is a shedding type hair loss. This is where the hair sheds and can be due to a number of reasons including vitamin deficiencies, stress, shock, trauma, medication and poor diet.

What does having this test involve?

This involves coming into the clinic and doing a simple mouth swab test ( a bit like a DNA test). We take two swabs and this is incase anything should go wrong with the first one and the lab has a second test. Once the tests have been done and sealed, you answer a simple questionnaire based on your lifestyle. All of this information along with the swabs are sent to the lab for analysis. The test results take around 7-10 days to come back and this is an extensive report where is shows what treatments your body is likely to respond well to and what it won't. It will then give a treatment suggestion based on all of your results.

The treatment plan

Once we have received the results of the test back and have analysed them. We will then have a review appointment with you to explain them and make sure you are happy with the treatment that has been suggested.

This treatment is totally unique and based completely on your genetics and lifestyle, these are usually in a solution form and so applied topically to the scalp. The treatment suggestions can also often include a recommendation of a vitamin supplement to assist in treating the hair loss as well as the topical solution if it is required.

Once you are happy with the treatment plan, we then have a prescriber make up the solution and it is then ready for you to use!

The results

We suggest that you use the suggested treatment for at least 3 months but ideally 6 to see any result. We know it can be very frustrating because all you want is your hair to grow but with the help of the treatment and a little bit of patience, you will hopefully start to see the hair growth coming through. We always keep up with regular reviews to make sure that the treatment suits you and that you are happy with it. Another benefit to this test is that once it is done it does not need to be done again should you need to change treatment for any reason. We can simply rerun the test on the database and it can make another suggestion of a treatment that is compatible or even a new treatment.

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