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Hair Systems

In the ever-expanding hair loss market today, there are so many names for hair systems. These can also be known as hair pieces, hair replacement, integration systems, hair toppers and there are many others.

This can make it very confusing for clients because they can all be different types of thing and knowing what type of hair system or piece is right for you is very difficult.

Suffering from hair loss is bad enough but when you start your search for a hair loss solution it can start to become a very stressful situation.

My advice would be to do a lot of research and don’t book an appointment with the first person that pops up on an internet search. There are many people fitting hair systems but also many that do not have the qualification to do so. If these systems are fitted incorrectly, they can cause damage to your natural hair and potentially cause further hair loss.

Do your research; make sure the individual or salon that you are thinking about visiting is qualified to fit the hair systems.

Once you have found somewhere, they will be able to talk you through different options depending on your type of hair loss. Everything about the hair system should be explained to you including costs (make sure there are no hidden costs), how often you will need maintenance appointments, how to care for the system, how long on average the system will last and if there will be any restrictions on how you will be able to style your hair.

The hair system can be made from many types of material and again these will all vary depending on what type of hair loss you are suffering from and the preference of whoever is fitting it. Some salons will only offer one type while others will offer various systems. The bases can be made from mesh, silk, lace, PU (polyurethane) along with many others. The pros and cons of these bases will need to be explained as these will change how you care for the system and how long it lasts.

The other factor to be aware of is the hair quality that is used. Due to these systems being semi-permanent and on your scalp for up to 4 weeks they must be able to withstand the stresses of daily life. You will be sleeping, working and exercising in it; the hair will need to be able to withstand all of this. It must be human hair and of a high quality otherwise it will dry out quickly and you will find yourself buying a new system pretty quickly.

If these systems are fitted correctly and chosen for you as an individual, they can make an amazing difference. Not just to the appearance of your hair but your confidence and self-esteem.

My clients will often say that they feel like ‘themselves’ again and that is what it is all about.

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