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Hair Extensions and Hair Loss

There is a lot of stigma around hair extensions and the belief that they cause hair loss. I feel that hair extensions have had a lot of bad press over the years and a lot of it being false information.

Don’t get me wrong they can cause a lot of problems if they are fitted incorrectly or have not had the correct after care. This is where you can begin to see a lot of hair breakage, damage and even hair loss. So, you need to make sure that the person fitting them is qualified to do so and that you have been advised on what aftercare is expected and that you are willing to do it.

I am a Trichologist, which means I am a specialist in hair loss and scalp problems as well as a hair extension specialist and people often say to me that the too don’t go together.

I totally disagree. In fact, I think having the knowledge about hair loss and being able to recognise it and even diagnose it, allows me to make a better decision on whether they are suitable for extension. I think if the correct methods are used and the right fitting practices are followed, hair extension can be a total game changer for not only someone with normal hair but also those who have finer hair and even suffering from hair loss.

With that said if someone is suffering with hair loss it is important to have this investigated and diagnosed by a professional first before any hair extensions are fitted.

They can be great for covering areas of thinning hair or even patches of hair loss and create more volume that the client could not attain themselves.

I will always do a thorough consultation to ensure that the client is suitable for hair extensions. This will include discussing with them what they are trying to achieve and their expectations, a colour match, a brief medical background and a pull test.

All this information will allow me to make a more informed decision on what type of extensions to recommend or if the client is suitable at all. I can also make sure that there are no contraindications.

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on someone’s confidence and self esteem and if it means having some hair extensions would give them back that confidence (and in my experience this is often the case), I think it is a great service to offer.

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